Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Emily Bordelais Is Karla Homolka

I was doing research and I found a very great site ORATO, they are full of information.

Karla Homolka has not been seen nor heard from since she reportidy fled Canada for the Caribean in 2007, many people are wondering how someone with her criminal past could slip away into anonnimity so easily, well the guessing is over. I have been working with many people for months and finally I have located her. She is going by the name Emily Bordelais and is living in the Antilles on a Caribean island.
Emily Bordelais is by all accounts living a law abiding life and is doing good with her life, I will not mention her exact location except to say its somewhere in Guadeloupe, she is now married to Thierry Bordelais and they have two children, Karla miscarried last year, however she is pregnant with her third child due early 2011. Her and her husband have a small home based business which deals with enviromentally friendly products and services, Karla Homolka believe it or not is also a teacher in the Caribean.
Many of you might be outraged by this news, however it is verified and 100% true, I have reliable sources and also have done my own research, if you want to, you could probley find her aswell, just type Emily Bordelais in Google and there you have it.  In 2007 her sister Lori Homolka who now changed her name to Logan Valentini rented a plane for Karla, the pilot flew Karla and her new family to Guadeloupe, the pilot also mentioned he became friends with Lori Homolka and she told him Karla plans to live part time in the Caribean and return to Ontario, specifically Hamilton where her family now lives in the Spring and Summer.
I was also curious about her relationship with Luka Magnotta, I was told Karla, after being released from prison was introduced to Magnotta by Richer Laponte, Luka was going to University in Montreal at the time, they became involved but quickly broke off the relationship because Karla felt too much media attention would be focused on Luka Magnotta, who is a bisexual porn star. They do however remain friends, Luka now lived in Paris and goes by the name Vladimir Romanov and works in the Legal sector as a consultant, he is married and has a son with his new wife, he does keep in contact with both Lori and Karla Homolka.
Karla Homolka, if you do happen to come accross her online or in person has changed her appearance  and name, however her eyes are still unforgettable, just as Lori Homolka and Luka Magnotta have, they are all unrecogniseable and have all changed their names again. They live in fear that unstable people will want to find them and do harm to their familys. It is very unfair Karla Homolka now has three children and a husband, something her victims will never have, however it was the Ontario Government who made the deal, Karla just went along with it. Her ex husband Paul Bernardo was not so lucky, he will be spending the rest of his lfe behind bars, makes you wonder who the real mastermind was.

 Karla Homolka is Emily Bordelais    and Luka Magnotta is Vladimir Romanov


  1. guys search on facebook and on the internet to verify, this is crazy but true.

  2. only one I cannot find is Emily/Karla... Found her sister "Logan Valentini". She actually has 2 facebook profiles and you can browse her friends in one.. A few Homolkas and a few Bordelais.. Thanks for this post!